Upton Elementary Pickleball Lessons

This is the picture of the 4th and 5th graders who joined volunteers from the Southeastern Michigan Pickleball Association for the last 4 Tuesdays during their lunch break (with instructors behind them).  Pat Sullivan worked with the school to set up the lessons.  Kevin Friesen, the gym teacher who coordinated this with us, remarked to me today that this was a great experience for the kids.  Normally, he only has time to spend one on one with 2-3 students during a period while we nearly had one adult per student which is much more attention then they would get in a class.  Many of the students insisted on going back to the same instructor each week and they asked if we would be back next year to do it again.
I think it was a great experience for everyone involved and many thanks to all the volunteers!
Gordon Statz