2017 Repainting of Whittier Park

To: Royal Oak Pickleball Players,

On August 1, 2017 we had a massive outpouring of assistance in the repainting of the Pat Sullivan Pickleball Courts at Whittier Park.  We also appreciated the generous donations made to:  http://southeastmichiganpba.com/  which helped us pay for this project.
Some interesting (at least to me;-) numbers:
We put down OVER ONE MILE of painter’s tape, masking tape and masking paper (5,688 feet).
We applied approximately 150 gallons of court paint.
We painted 1,584 feet of white lines.
Between Sunday and Tuesday approximately 200 hours of labor was donated by our volunteers to: remove nets, set-up electric/water supply, power wash courts, grind crack repairs smooth, drill 96 reference holes,  run gas blowers, mix paint, carry paint, pour paint, spread paint, snap chalk lines, mask painted areas, run the tape machine, paint the white lines, remove tape & masking, repair fence gates, install nets and clean-up (to name a few).
We have heard that at a location about 100 miles south of us six pickleball courts had cracks repaired and courts repainted at a cost of $14,000 which would equate to a cost of over $18,600 to do 8 courts. Expenses are still being tabulated but our total costs (including crack repairs) will probably end up in the neighborhood of $4,300, or less than 25% of the cost of hiring it out for a savings of over $14,000.00!  Plus, we had more control over the timing (to match the weather forecast) and the ability to minimize the disruption time to our players. Although the Whittier courts ended up being out of commission for 4 days – 3 days of that was for power washing and paint drying time.
Thanks again for your dedication and hard work to support the great game of pickleball. We heard many positive comments about the condition of our courts during our Royal Oak Pickleball tournament on August 25th – 27th, 2017.
This tournament is our largest fundraiser to support the maintenance of both Upton and Whittier pickleball courts.
Thanks again for your support,
Gordon Statz