By Chuck Dominick, President

The Royal Oak Pickleball Club has been renamed Southeastern Michigan Pickleball Association to expand our focus to a bigger geographic area. Southeastern Michigan Pickleball Association (SMPA) is now a Michigan nonprofit corporation and on April 11, 2016 was granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS. This means donors can deduct contributions they make to SMPA under IRS Section 170. We will continue to maintain the courts in Royal Oak and keep them the centerpiece of our pickleball community. The majority of our boards of directors are Royal Oak residents.

President: Chuck Dominick   Vice President: Sandy Simons

Treasurer: Elaine Danas         Secretary: Nancy Robertson

Board of Directors: Nancy Adair, John Collier, Bonnie Michalak, Linda Simons, and Sook Wilkinson

Our plans for the remainder of 2016 include:

    • Provide instruction and equipment to offer pickleball as an activity for the students at Upton Elementary school which is a Title 1 school
    • Organize a pickleball Special Olympics event for the Michigan Special Olympics at the pickleball courts in Royal Oak.
    • Run a pickleball exhibition for the National Veterans Golden Age Games in Detroit, with the hope of adding Pickleball to the games next year. We will be teaching approximate 120 veterans in four sessions on eight pickleball courts on Sunday July 10, 2016 at Cobo Hall.
    • Introduce pickleball to the families in the Upton neighborhood, where the new courts were constructed last year, by providing snacks along with pickleball lessons.
    • Provide beginner lessons at Pat Sullivan Whittier Pickleball Complex in June.
    • Continue to work with communities to develop pickleball programs in Southeastern Michigan.
    • Introduce pickleball to the students at the summer youth camps in the Detroit Metro area.
    • Run three pickleball ladders in Royal Oak.
    • Continue to run our premier tournament in August.

Membership in our Southeastern Michigan Pickleball Association is $10 per year and is used to support the above activities.

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