By Chuck Dominick, President

The Royal Oak Pickleball Club has been renamed Southeastern Michigan Pickleball Association to expand our focus to a bigger geographic area. Southeastern Michigan Pickleball Association (SMPA) is now a Michigan nonprofit corporation and on April 11, 2016 was granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS.  The majority of our boards of directors are Royal Oak residents.

President: Chuck Dominick   Vice President: Gordon Statz

Treasurer: Elaine Danas         Secretary: Linda Simons

Board of Directors: Nancy Adair, John Collier, Nancy Robertson, Sandy Simons, and Marilyn Holladay

For an annual membership of $10, you’ll become a proud sponsor of the following events in 2017.

  • SMPA maintains and repairs the courts at both Royal Oak Pickleball complexes.
  • We provide instruction and equipment to offer pickleball as an activity for the students at Upton Elementary school which is a Title 1 school
  • We plan to organize a pickleball Special Olympics event for the Michigan Special Olympics at the pickleball courts in Royal Oak.
  • SMPA annually provides beginner lessons at Pat Sullivan Whittier Pickleball Complex and Upton courts in June.
  • We will continue to work with communities to develop pickleball programs in Southeastern Michigan.
  • Plan to introduce pickleball to both students and adults in the City of Detroit.
  • Will continue to run three pickleball ladders in Royal Oak.
  • And we will continue to run our premier tournament in August.

Your membership includes these individual benefits:

  • You receive a $5.00 discount to a Royal Oak ladder and the ability to join the ladder a week before the general public.
  • You receive a $5.00 discount to the Royal Oak Skill Level Pickleball Tournament.

Your annual dues are good through May 31, 2018. Please donate $10.00 or more to help promote pickleball in our community.